Fittest After 50: More Inspiration

In the previous installment, I highlighted Clarence Bass and Wendy Ida, two bodybuilders who had gotten their fittest after 50. Here are some more inspiring folks: Tosca Reno: Fitness Professional (top right) Started bodybuilding in her 40s to cope with a divorce. After her weight climbed to 204 lbs, she started using a treadmill and lost some, but was still flabby. Tosca taught school at the time. A student’s father, fitness publisher Robert Kennedy, challenged her to start strength training and enter … {Read More}

Fittest After 50: Pump Some Iron

Almost everyone past 50 who’s in phenomenal shape, and who got there later, relies heavily on strength training (pun intended). I remember Muscle & Fitness writer Clarence Bass (below) from my ’80s World Gym days.  He was in his 40s then, and looked exactly the same (I don’t think he’s ever had hair). Bass stays on top of the research, so I trust his findings.  He cites several studies that link increased body fat almost solely to decreased activity, not age. A simple and … {Read More}

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