The Late Bloomer Internet Reading List

The Late Bloomer Internet Reading List

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Here’s a roundup of late bloomer articles across the Internet. Enjoy!

Post-40 Bloomers: “Late” According to Whom? by Sonya Chung. A monthly series from internet literary magazine The Millions (added 12/30/11).

How To Be A Late Bloomer by Daniel Coyle. Author of The Talent Code explores the term’s derogatory roots and gives inspiring tips, such as “Be willing to be stupid early on” (added 11/09/2011).

Are You Too Old To Do What You Love? A wise and funny short presentation by the lovely Marie Forleo (added 10/10/2011).

Never Too Late To Find Your Path In Life by Amanda Enayati at CNN Blogs. Enayati features a former marketing executive who is now studying to become a therapist. And who takes umbrage at being called a late bloomer! (added 9/22/11)

Why It’s Never Too Late by Robin Black at Oprah. “If you’re one of the legions of people who didn’t hit their sweet spot at age 25, there are a few things Robin Black would like you to know” (added 9/22/11).

No “Best Before” Date For Creativity by Lorne Daniel. Daniel explores the lives of Mary Granville Delaney (1700-1788), who invented the precursor to collage at age 72, and David Thompson (1770-1857), who mapped over a quarter of North America and began writing about his adventures at 75 (added 3/28/11).

Literary Late Bloomers: Great Authors Who Took A Little Longer at the Huffington Post.  A pictorial that includes Wallace Stevens, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and several more (added 3/28/11).

The Conditions For Creativity Will Never Be Ideal by Kelly Diels. “…all of these famous books were written while their authors were in prison, where, one assumes, conditions were not ideal. The exception of course is…Miss Jane Austen, who wrote all of her novels in the middle of the sitting room of the crowded cottage she shared with her mother and sister as visitors came and went, came and went, came and went…” (added 1/21/11)

Soooooo Much Better Late Than Never by Tanya Geisler. “Every experience you’ve ever had your entire life has led you here. It’s a time for exploration, for introspection. For digging deep and getting quiet. For powerful questions…like, ‘what’s possible?'”

Late Bloomers: Why Do We Equate Genius With Precocity? by Malcolm Gladwell. The article that inspired this site and my flagship post, Why Are Some People Later Bloomers?

Confessions of a Late Bloomer by Scott Barry Kaufman. Kaufman reviews the work of UCLA neuropsychiatrist Dr. George Bartzokis, whom I quote in On Blogging, Books and Dug The Dog. “The last century added 30 years of opportunity to our lives, conferring what’s been called a second middle age. Especially in light of our extended life span, it’s worth confronting the very notion of late blooming to ask: late for what?”

Genius, Genes and Gusto: How Passions Find You by Scott Barry Kaufman. “The delicate dance between nature and nurture is far more beautiful than one-sided alternatives. Instead of sweeping genes under the rug of deliberate practice, we should celebrate the genetic diversity that does exist. Letting yourself follow your own unique interests is almost as satisfying as a Kobe slam dunk.”

Staying Sharp: The Surprising Power of the Aging Brain by Jeffrey Kluger. “Essentially, the brain spends decades upgrading itself from a dial-up Internet to a high-speed version, not fully completing the job until age 45 or so.”

Succeeding as a Photographer by Tony Mendoza. How Ernie the cat  helped launch this 43-year-old photographer’s career. “I had never lived with a cat before, something I was not that eager to do…Two years and some 10,000 cat pictures later, I knew I had a book. It was published in September 1985, and the first printing sold out in three months.”

Ernie The Cat

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