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Debra Eve
Los Angeles, California
Email: elle.b [at]
Skype: debra.eve
Phone: (323) 365-0474

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Vision is a blog to book(s) project that will eventually showcase over 190 people in the arts, humanities, and sciences who discovered or rediscovered their creative passion(s) later in life. features short, inspirational profiles that I develop into compelling biographies for the books.

The first of at least four volumes, Later Bloomers: 35 People Over Age 35 Who Found Their Passion and Purpose, can be found exclusively on Kindle. I’m currently editing and expanding it for print release, with an estimated release date in Fall 2014.

Also in 2014, I plan to expand into other electronic platforms, and publish Volume 2.

Kindle Product Details (as of June 3, 2014)

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Book Blurb

Are you a late-blooming adult? Do you think life has passed you by? Not so! This book will remind you that it’s truly “never too late.” Here are some examples:

  • At age 36, Julia Child savored her first French meal. It changed her life and ours.There’d be no Food Network without her!
  • At age 37, after years selling snake oil and pencil sharpeners, Edgar Rice Burroughs published Tarzan.
  • At age 39, when her husband couldn’t find start-up funds, Bertha Benz took his invention, the automobile, on the very first road trip to generate support.
  • At age 48, after another talent show rejected her, Susan Boyle electrified the world with her singing voice.
  • At age 49, after decades of odd jobs, English character actress Liz Smith got her big break.
  • At age 50, after twenty years as a personal assistant, Bram Stoker wrote Dracula.

There’s a granny who, at age 64, took up competitive hip-hop dancing (and beat teenagers), one who became a famous nightclub DJ at age 68, and one who her ran her first marathon at age 86.

These are some of the fascinating people you’ll meet in this expanded compilation from the popular blog, Now it’s your turn. In the garden of life, the “late-blooming” flower blossoms right on time!

Bio Blurb

Debra Eve is a proud late bloomer and possessor of many passions. At 36, she became an archaeologist. At 42, a martial artist. At 46, she married the love of her life. Now she writes about fellow late bloomers while plotting her next grand adventure.

She blogs at and has gathered her most popular posts into a Kindle anthology, Later Bloomers: 35 People Over Age 35 Who Found Their Passion and Purpose. You can also find her on Twitter (@DebraEve) and on Facebook.

Debra received her masters degree from UCLA, where she was the last research assistant to archaeomythologist Marija Gimbutas, a colleague of Joseph Campbell. She helped bring Dr. Gimbutas’ final book, The Living Goddesses, to print.

Debra lives in Los Angeles with her British husband and two 20-lb Maine Coon cats.

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Susan Shankin, creative director behind The Artist’s Way  by Julia Cameron, designed the cover for Later Bloomers, Volume 1.
In my archaeology days (second from right), at the Rock of Cashel with University College Dublin’s Knockroe team.
With my handy Marshalltown trowel!