Beauty of a Woman: An Ode to Erma Bombeck

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When you contemplate beauty, I doubt Erma Bombeck comes to mind. But Erma possessed the attribute that makes every woman into a stunner — humor. And she didn’t launch until almost 40.

Ladies, Know Your Limits!

Just had to reinstate Bloomer Girls’ Friday with this bit of satire from the BBC’s Harry Enfield and Chums, which ran during the 1990s.  Love those Brits — every country should have a “ghoul standard!” Then pop over to Mrs. Somerville: First Scientist, about a girl whose daddy feared she’d end up in a straight jacket…

Bloomer Girls Unite!

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Welcome to the premiere of Girls’ Friday, musings for and about les femmes d’un certain âge. I adore the old musicals. The exuberance, the banter, the kitsch. You can’t help but be uplifted by the fantasy that singing will solve all life’s troubles.  (Wait, is that a fantasy?) So I was excited to find a forgotten […]